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Why Should You Buy Wheeled Fire Extinguishers For Your Business?

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While many people install fire extinguishers on walls or in cases, you can also buy wheeled extinguishers. These extinguishers typically have a couple of wheels and a handle.

What are the advantages of installing wheeled fire extinguishers in your business premises?

Get a More Portable Solution

Portable, standalone fire extinguishers are meant be easy to pick up and use. They aren't usually too heavy. However, not all of your staff might be able to pick up a larger extinguisher easily. Some might find it too heavy and cumbersome to carry. They might struggle to get the unit to a fire to put it out.

If you install some wheeled fire extinguishers on your premises, then you get complete portability. People don't have to pick the extinguisher up and run with it. They can simply pull or push it to the fire. Your fire response times should improve as a result. People don't have to carry anything but can focus on getting the fire extinguisher to the right place.

Wheeled units are also helpful if you have a lot of space to cover with your fire-extinguishing equipment. For example, if you have a warehouse, then you might put your extinguishers in selected positions.

You might have a problem here if you have a lot of space to cover. For example, if your fire equipment is in a central location, then it can be a bit of a run for somebody to get an extinguisher to the site of a fire at the other end of the building.

Wheeled units are simply easier to move. They won't weigh people down, so the units can be moved more quickly.

Get More Extinguishing Power

Mobile fire extinguishers contain the substances you need to put out fires. However, they don't necessarily contain as much extinguishing material as you might need. These units are designed to be smaller and more compact. They should be easy to discharge on small fires. However, mobile fire extinguishers might run out of powder, foam or fluid quite quickly. If a fire takes hold or spreads faster than you can extinguish it, then you might not be able to put it out.

Wheeled fire extinguishers are typically bigger. They can have a larger capacity and be heavier than the norm because they have wheels. Their weight doesn't matter as much because people can wheel them to the fire. As a result, you get more extinguishing power. A wheeled unit also often delivers at a higher pressure rate, which can help quell fires more quickly and effectively.

For more advice on how to choose the right fire extinguisher for your business premises, contact fire equipment suppliers.