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Top 3 DYI maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators

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Maintenance in commercial refrigeration is one thing that will extend the life of equipment by years and that's not all. It also does an incredible job of saving up your energy costs. So whether it's a restaurant you are running or a butchery, you need to know how to keep your refrigeration working at top notch conditions. A simple failure could cost your business a lot and don't even forget the repairs to be done. Here are some amazing tips to consider:

Clean the evaporator and condensing coils

The first and most important parts to take care of are the evaporator and condensing coils. These are the areas that do the actual cooling by vaporising and condensing water in the refrigerator so you need to ensure they work effectively.

Using coil cleaner solutions is not always the right move. These solutions may be full of corrosive chemicals that may damage your metallic surfaces. A simple soap-water mixture does wonders and afterwards, you could use a degreaser to rinse everything up.

Remember, when scrubbing the coils, don't do it from side to side as this may damage them. Scrub them in an up-down motion.

Ensure your drains are clear

The drains are normally located at the bottom of the commercial refrigerators and their main duty is to provide an escape pathway for the condensation that occurs inside the unit. But if you're refrigeration unit has the compressor mounted at the top, then the drains are most likely located at the top too. Blocked drains lead to accumulation of condensed water and create a harsh environment for the condenser causing it to overwork.

Ensure the drains are kept clear and you can do this by using a straw and blowing air into the drain. Also ascertain that you keep materials such as crumbs and oils away from the outlet.

Check the gaskets

These are the seals that prevent the outside air from seeping into your fridge. Inspect your gaskets weekly for any presence of repairs or wear. You can try the dollar test. Place a dollar and shut the door, if you are able to pull out the dollar then your fridge gaskets need to be replaced.

Once warm air starts seeping into your unit, then the refrigerator will start working much harder to maintain the cool temperatures. In the end, not only will your utility bill shoot up, but you'd also be minimizing the lifespan of your refrigerator. To learn more, contact a company such as PAC Refrigeration Services with any questions or concerns you have.